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Miyake Forging Opens Tennessee Plant

New plant staffing up to produce automotive bearings parts

Miyake Forging North America staged an opening event recently for its new forged automotive bearings components plant in Surgoinsville, TN. The Japanese producer announced the project last year, when it was reported to be a $13.7-million capital investment.

At the event, a company executive indicated the plant will expand from 14 employees at present to about 60 by mid-2019. He further suggested the initial plant’s design may be expanded by up to double its current 48,000 sq.ft.

“I have a great feeling about opening our new facility in Hawkins County,” company president Akitoshi Fujikawa stated last year. “At Miyake, we are very happy to expand our business in the United States of America.”

Miyake Forging has two plants in Japan and another in Thailand. Its operations produce a variety of bearings using hot and cold forging, heat treating, lathe turning, and finish machining.

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