More Forging, More Service, More Jet Engines

Columbus Forge is an isothermal forging and post-processing center operated by Pratt & Whitney to produce aircraft engine blades and vanes, and one part of manufacturer’s jet-engine maintenance and repair complex

Pratt & Whitney plans to install a new isothermal forging operation as one part of an extensive capital investment program at its manufacturing complex in Columbus, GA — a total investment of approximately $386 million, all of which is intended to expand and improve production of turbofan engines for commercial and military aircraft. The forging operation was established more than 30 years ago to produce turbine disks and airfoils, and is Pratt & Whitney’s domestic source for isothermal forgings: every P&W engine relies on aircraft engine blades and vanes forged at the Georgia plant. It also produces parts installed in industrial gas turbines.

Read the details, Isothermal Forging Heating Up for Jet Engine Builder

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