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Schuler CDpress OttoFuchs Schuler AG
An example of a hydraulic press design comparable to the unit scheduled to start in January 2021.

New Closed-Die Press for Otto Fuchs

Schuler supplying 30,000-mt machine for landing gear, engine discs, structural parts, more

Schuler Group is under contract to develop and build a 30,000-metric ton closed-die forging press for Otto Fuchs KG, to form nonferrous parts that may include aircraft landing gear, engine discs, and construction components. The Schuler MH-30000 hydraulic system will be supplied, including the mechanical and hydraulic systems. The contract includes delivery, full assembly, and CE certification.

No value for the contract was announced. According to Schuler, the new press is scheduled to start production in January 2021.

As detailed by the press builder, hydraulic forging presses are particularly well-suited for installation that require high force and long working distances: the “unlimited work energy allows the maximum force over the entire stroke,” according to Schuler.

“The infinite adjustment of the working strokes permits optimum adaptation of the press cycle to the forming process; large slide strokes for long components provide an expanded range of possible products. And the adaptation of the forming speed to the process produces superior workpiece quality and long die-service life,” the developer concluded.

Otto Fuchs KG, in Meinerzhagen, Germany, manufactures forgings, extrusions, and rolled rings in aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and nickel alloys, for the aerospace, automotive, construction, and industrial customers.

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