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63/80-MN open-die press, Western Superconducting Technologies Co. Ltd. SMS group
The 63/80-MN high-speed push-down forging press in operation at Western Superconducting Technologies Co. Ltd., in Xian, Shaanxi Province, China.

New High-Speed, Open-Die Press for Ti Alloys

SMS-designed machine producing aerospace materials for China’s Western Superconducting Technologies

Western Superconducting Technologies Co. Ltd., (WST) in Xian, Shaanxi Province, China, successfully started up a two-column, high-speed open-die forging press supplied by SMS group. The machine achieves a maximum press force of 63 MN (6,424 metric tons) and an upsetting force of 80 MN (8,158 metric tons), with precision and reliability

WST manufactures and distributes titanium-alloy materials, superalloy materials, tantalum materials, superconducting materials, and related products. The new press gives WST the means to manufacture various high-quality products for aerospace and other customers.

Thanks to advanced hydraulic and control systems, the new open-die forging press forges highly demanding and temperature-sensitive materials such as titanium and titanium alloys, "in a technologically perfect way," according to the SMS announcement.

The new installation also includes two integrated rail-bound manipulators for forgings weighing up to 25 metric tons — "accurately to the millimeter and perfectly synchronously with the press stroke, even at very high stroke rates." The rail-bound manipulators help to boost forging throughput.

A mobile eight-metric ton loading and unloading manipulator is available also.

“The new open-die forging press produces excellent titanium products, enabling our company to make a valuable contribution to the progress of the Chinese aerospace industry,” said Changhu Peng, vice general manager of WST.

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