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With material draw ratios of up to 31 the Avure hydroform deepdraw press will allow the Turkish joint venture Kale Pratt amp Whitney to manufacture aircraft engine components while eliminating several forming steps intermediate heat treatment and operator involvement
<p>With material draw ratios of up to 3:1, the Avure hydroform deep-draw press will allow the Turkish joint venture Kale Pratt &amp; Whitney to manufacture aircraft engine components while eliminating several forming steps, intermediate heat treatment, and operator involvement.</p>

New Hydroforming Press for Pratt & Whitney

Deep-drawing process for aircraft engine parts with accuracy, repeatability New operation in Izmir Material draw ratios up to 3:1

Kale Pratt & Whitney, a joint-venture aircraft components manufacturer building a new operation in Izmir, Turkey, ordered a new hydroforming deep-drawing press from Avure Technologies, to form sheet metal parts for military aircraft engine programs.

Avure Technologies is a Swedish designer and manufacturer of high-pressure forming machinery, including hydroforming and isostatic pressing technologies.

“Avure’s new deep-draw press will enable high-end aircraft engine providers like Kale Pratt & Whitney to produce high-quality sheet metal components with great accuracy, repeatability, and lower costs,” explained Sture Olsson, global business unit director for sheet metal forming.

“Material draw ratios of up to 3:1 are achievable, eliminating several forming operations, intermediate heat treatments, and operator dependencies,” Olsson continued. “The hydroform process requires only one rigid tool half, the other being a flexible rubber diaphragm, leading to significant tool cost savings.”

Kale Pratt & Whitney was established in 2011 by Kale Holding (51%) and Pratt & Whitney (49%) to manufacture hardware for F135 engines, the P&W design that powers the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jets, as well as aircraft engine parts and sub-assemblies for the new PW1000G engine, which is installed in Bombardier C Series, Mitsubishi Regional Jet, Embraer’s E-jets, and the Airbus A320neo.

The press will start up this spring at a new plant the venture has established in Izmir, Turkey, to fabricate metal components and spare parts for P&W’s F100 and F119 fighter and F117 transport jet engines. 

According to Devrim Erik, the operations manager for Kale Pratt & Whitney, the Avure press will help the new plant meet some ambitious production goals.

“The Avure deep-draw press will be a very important piece of equipment used in our sheet metal fabrication area, and will play a vital role in the jet-engine program,” Erik stated. “We chose Avure not only due to their vast experience in providing state- of-the-art high pressure presses but also due to their capability to support us in gaining the required application know-how for this complex manufacturing process as deemed necessary in the technology ramp-up phase we have ahead of us.”

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