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Carmel Forge is a closed-die forger and ring-roller of titanium, steel, and nickel-alloy parts, established in 1961 and acquired by United Technologies Corp. in 1994.

P&W Selling Aerospace Forging Operation

Bet Shemesh Engines will pay $58.5 million, and secures a 10-year supply agreement worth $360 million

Israeli manufacturer Bet Shemesh Engines will acquire Carmel Forge from Pratt & Whitney for a reported $58.5 million, according to a shareholder notice filed by the buyer with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Carmel Forge, Tirat Carmel, Israel, is a closed-die forger and ring-roller of titanium, steel, and nickel-alloy parts established in 1961 and acquired by Pratt & Whitney parent company United Technologies Corp. in 1994. It has 225 employees and operates a 527,000-sq.ft plant in northern Israel.

Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd. sources forged parts from Carmel Forge, and the sale agreement includes a 10-year, $360-million sourcing contract with Pratt & Whitney.

Bet Shemesh Engines manufactures parts for aerospace and industrial turbine engines, offering investment casting, machining, assembly, testing, and MRO services, as well as research and development. In addition to its plant at Bet Shemesh, it maintains a precision casting and machining operation for aerospace products — Livnica Preciznih Odlivaka doo — at Ada, Serbia.

Carmel Forge's customers also include jet-engine manufacturers Snecma, ITP, and MTU.

Carmel Forge Ltd. develops and manufactures closed die forgings for turbofan and turboshaft engines, auxiliary power units, turbo chargers, and power turbines for industrial and marine engines. Its products include rings, cases, and disks and rotating parts, such as low- and high-pressure compressor and turbine disks, fan disks, blisks, and impellers, as well as airframe components.

In addition, Carmel Forge’s rolled rings are produced for engine and industrial seals, spacers, intermediate- and low-pressure turbine and compressor cases, spools for low-pressure compressor disks, and ring-shaped low-pressure turbine disks.

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