Farina workshop, Italy Schuler Group
Farina Presse is noted for supplying mechanical presses with forces ranging from 750 to 8,000 metric tons,

Schuler Buys Mechanical Press Builder Farina

Purchase “rounds out” product portfolio for forging lines and single-stroke forming presses.

Schuler Group has acquired Farina Presse, a designer and manufacturer of mechanical forging presses and forging lines headquartered in Suello, Italy. The buyer noted this acquisition “rounds out” its product portfolio for forging and single-stroke forming presses.

The purchase also adds another notable brand name to the Schuler portfolio, which includes whole or partial shares in Bêché and Müller-Weingarten, and more recently Aweba and Yadon.

Farina Presse is noted for its supply of mechanical presses with forces ranging from 750 to 8,000 metric tons, with various performance options. It also designs transfer presses, hot forging lines, die holders, and “mechanical hands” and anthropomorphous robots for material handling.

It is well-known among automotive parts suppliers, particularly in Italy, Spain, and Germany

Schuler has not indicated the value or other terms of the acquisition, including its future management plans. Farina reportedly has about 40 employees.

“By acquiring Farina Presse, we have taken a further, successful step in our product strategy of strengthening Schuler’s market position in the mid-range price and performance segment,” stated CEO Domenico Iacovelli. “Farina Presse already supplies interesting customer groups in Europe and, together with Schuler, also will serve customers in Asia and North America in the future.”

Farina Presse general partner Paolo Civardi noted that being a member of the Schuler Group will give the firm wider global market access, and that “Schuler will benefit from the flexibility and favorable cost structures of a small forging line specialist like Farina Presse.”

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