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Simufact Engineering, Presstec in Technology Partnership

Aiming to optimize press equipment as well as forming processes

Simufact Engineering GmbH and Presstec Pressentechnologie GmbH announced they are now partners in a venture that aims to expand the application of process simulation to encompass machine performance.

“For customers it is of growing importance not to only look at their forming processes,” stated Simufact Engineering managing director Michael Wohlmuth. “They need to consider the entire system. Our new partnership with Presstec is taking this into account and will enable the industry branch to use their equipment in an optimal way.”

Simufact Engineering develops and supplies software and services for simulating and monitoring bulk metal-forming processes. Presstec supplies hydraulic presses and mechanical high-speed blanking and stamping presses.

According to their announcement, customers will have the opportunity to optimize forming processes and adjust them to their equipment, including both new machines existing machines.

The full potential of the strategy is seen in the area of press tuning, the partners claim. Users would be able to determine if a special forming process can be implemented on their machinery, and the optimal way to proceed.

In addition, Simufact Engineering is supplying its Simufact.forming forming simulation software to Presstec for its material engineering research activity at Germany’s Technical College Offenburg. Engineering students will be able to use the software to simulate forming processes, for experience in practical applications and to learn to optimize processes.

"The know-how of Simufact in forming simulation and our experience in the design and optimization of presses is an ideal combination," said Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Blattner, managing director, Presstec group. "Our customers can now gain a much deeper and better understanding of their forming processes and are able to adjust them to the existing equipment. The combined know-how of this partnership meets the customer’s needs much better and more widespread than before."

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