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SMS hydraulic open-die press SMS group
A 50-MN, hydraulic open-die press of comparable design, shown in operation.

SMS Supplying High-Speed Open-Die Press

Daye Special Steel will add a hydraulic press for precision forming of high-temp alloys and specialty steels

Daye Special Steel Co. Ltd. in Huangshi, Hubei Province, China, ordered a high-speed, open-die press from SMS group, to be commissioned in May 2020. The hydraulic-powered machine will have a forging force 50 MN (5,100 metric tons) and an upsetting force of 60 MN (6,100 metric tons.)

Daye Special Steel supplies high-temperature alloy and high-speed tool steel products for railway, tool-and-die, and engineering applications, among other industrial applications. The high forging-frequency capability of the new press will be used to form specialty materials with a narrow temperature range.

During planishing, the press will reach a frequency of 103 strokes per minute. Daye Special Steel plans to use the new open-die press to forge a variety of products in high-temperature alloys and specialty steel. The same high-speed function also helps to reduce machining times for the operation.

The press will be equipped with a quick die-changing device, too.

The SMS design will be available for fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual operation. Daye Special Steel will be able to forge materials with precision and energy-efficiency in programmable mode, using pre-calculated pass schedules developed by the SMS ForgeBase® program, with maximum reproducible product quality and a forging tolerance of around ±1 millimeter.

SMS also will supply its own press control and visualization system.

This will be the second SMS forging press at the Huangshi plant. It has been operating a SMS 800/16 MN radial forging machine that SMS supplied in 2011.

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