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Accuridersquos Erie PA plant is the site of a fully automated finishing sequence for forged aluminum wheels including eight robots processing parts through turning prestressing milling coining and surface finishing
<p>Accuride&rsquo;s Erie, PA, plant is the site of a fully automated finishing sequence for forged aluminum wheels, including eight robots processing parts through turning, pre-stressing, milling, coining, and surface finishing.</p>

Accuride, UAW Reach Four-Year Deal

Early agreement for commercial-wheel finishing plant in Erie, PA Runs through Sept. 2018 Automated finishing forged/heat-treated wheels &ldquo;&hellip; continued stability and competitiveness&rdquo;

Accuride Corporation and the United Auto Workers union have agreed to terms on a new labor contract for about 209 hourly workers at the manufacturer’s Erie, PA, aluminum wheel plant. The four-year deal with UAW Local 1186, arrived at through collective bargaining, follows an earlier four-year agreement that expires in September. 

The new agreement runs through September 3, 2018.

“Accuride is extremely pleased to have amicably reached a new agreement at Erie – well ahead of schedule – that will provide continued stability and competitiveness for our industry-leading aluminum-wheel production facility,” according to president and CEO Rick Dauch.

Accuride manufactures cast steel and forged aluminum wheels for commercial vehicles, as well as wheel-end components, and cast iron parts for agricultural, construction, mining, and oil-and-gas industry equipment.

Over the past three years Accuride has invested more than $100 million in new capacity and finishing capabilities for commercial vehicle wheels, including two wheel finishing lines at its rotary forging operation in Camden, SC.

The Erie plant is the site of Accuride’s Mega-Line finishing installation for forged and heat-treated aluminum wheels for commercial vehicles. Products are as turned, pre-stressed, milled, coined, and surface- finished to achieve a high-gloss finish.

“This shared achievement reflects both the strengths and talents of our Erie associates and the spirit of teamwork that exists at the facility.” Dauch continued. “The agreement follows our three-year investment in new production equipment and processes that have enabled the Erie plant to achieve world-class operating standards, and provides flexibility to meet increasing customer demand as the North American commercial vehicle industry recovery continues.”

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