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Allegro Industries Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet
Allegro Industries’ Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet

Air Shield and Welding Helmet

Lightweight helmet for low/high-pressure use

Welders will experience more comfort, less fatigue and improved productivity with the ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet.  The durable and lightweight helmet is molded from tough thermoplastic resin, so it is lighter than fiberglass. This helmet is built for low-pressure or high-pressure usage. The helmet offers easy lens filter replacement using standard size filter, cover and impact plates. This unit is U.S.-made and meets ANSI Z87.1 standards.

The Allegro Supplied Air Shield and Welding Helmet System is the perfect choice for most welding jobs. The system provides a portable air source for one or two workers and includes one or two welding shields. The ambient air pump is ¾ HP or 1-½ HP and comes with 50 ft of breathing airline hose.

The Allegro Replacement Variable Shade Lens Kit is made for all welding processes, including TIG and TIG pulsing. The lens features both optical and magnetic arc detection system, ensuring the filter will not open even if the sensors become blocked. This shade is designed with the capability to detect light and magnetic waves that occur during welding.

Opto-magnetic sensors can be adjusted from 0 to 6 foot range. It is solar powered with dual sensors. This kit, sold separately, includes auto-darkening welding filter and mounting frame. The active viewing area 1.6 in. x 3.8 in. (4.06 cm x 9.65 cm).



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