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Gunnebo hot forged tackle hooks Gunnebo Industrier Holding AB
“Together we complement each other perfectly,” according to Crosby CEO Bob Davies.

Crosby Completes Gunnebo Takeover

Gunnebo Industries manufactures crane blocks, wire rope sheaves, chain and lifting components, shackles and lashing products.

The Crosby Group, a manufacturer of lifting, rigging, and material handling hardware acquired Gunnebo Industrier Holding AB from a private-equity firm for an undisclosed price. Gunnebo Industries develops and manufactures blocks, sheaves, and components for chain and wire rope slings, shackles and chains, in Sweden, Norway and the USA.

The group was established in 1764 in Sweden, and originally manufactured nails, belts, bolts and iron for shipbuilding.

Crosby products include wire rope clips, hooks, shackles, lifting clamps, hoist rings, overhaul balls, snatch blocks, crane blocks and sheaves. It operates a steel die forging business in Tulsa, OK.

Likewise, Gunnebo has a Tulsa operation manufacturing crane blocks, sheaves, overhaul balls, and related products for the oil-and-gas and OEM crane industries, among others.

“Given our shared commitment to safe rigging and lifting and our equally committed and talented teams, this acquisition is a natural fit,” stated Crosby CEO Bob Davies. “Together we complement each other perfectly. Crosby and Gunnebo Industries will be able to deliver enhanced value for customers and channel partners by providing a broader product portfolio, enhanced support and training, expanded geographic presence and greater ability to offer innovative solutions.”

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