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Otto Fuchs forged wheels Otto Fuchs KG
Otto Fuchs KG forges 2.5 million aluminum and magnesium alloy wheels per year for high-end automakers.

New Wheel Finishing Center for Otto Fuchs

Forged wheel producer will combine painting, surface treatment, logistics at a central location

Otto Fuchs KG, the forger and ring-roller well-known for its automotive wheel products, is developing a new finishing operation near its main manufacturing center in Meinerzhagen, Germany, to combine painting and surface treatment with logistics operations. “The constantly growing demands of our customers … with regard to production volume, variant diversity and surface design necessitated building a new surface and logistics centre, Otto Fuchs Surface Technology,” according to a recent statement.

Each of the three functions (painting, surface treatment, logistics) is presently carried out at separate sites, Fuchs noted, but combining them at a location near to the forging complex in Meinerzhagen is described as a major aspect of its strategy for supplying exclusive forged wheels to automotive customers.

The cost and schedule for the new project were not announced. Up to 1.3 million forged wheels per year will be processed on state-of-the-art painting and polishing machines, and stored in the new high-bay warehouse in advance of shipment to buyers.

In addition, Fuchs indicated the painting operation will incorporate current technology and will be designed to fulfill the customization requirements that are “crucially important” in the forged wheel sector.

Fuchs produces customized aluminum and magnesium alloy automotive wheels for high-end vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce. The group forges 2.5 million wheels per year, as well as 41 million forged suspension parts, among other vehicle components. Otto Fuchs also produces forgings, rings, and extrusions for aerospace markets; extrusions for construction projects; and forgings and extrusions for industrial engineering applications.

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