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The IMPULSE Sway Control System Series 2 retrofits existing crane controls at a low cost quickly Magnetek Inc.
The IMPULSE® Sway Control System Series 2 retrofits existing crane controls at a low cost, quickly.

Retrofittable Sway Control System

Low-cost approach to upgrade, improve existing equipment Moves loads at full speed, safely

MAGNETEK INC., a supplier of digital power and motion-control systems for material handling, is offering its IMPULSE® Sway Control System Series 2 for retrofit installations on numerous types of overhead cranes.

The new, external retrofit sway control system can be used with nearly any manufacturer’s variable-speed drive.  The ability to retrofit existing cranes provides crane owners with the opportunity to upgrade and improve their existing equipment at a low cost and without the added time investment needed for a complete overhaul or replacement of the existing controls.

For new installations, Magnetek’s Sway Control System Series 2 is offered as an embedded product in their IMPULSE·G+ Series 4 variable frequency drives.

“Sway Control improves productivity by allowing crane operators to move loads at full speed without danger of load sway damaging equipment, giving the operator peace of mind and improving load placement accuracy,” according to controls product manager Jason Wellnitz. “We are excited to offer Sway Control for retrofit applications because it has the ability to improve customers’ experience with Magnetek products and offers customers the opportunity to apply Magnetek’s industry-leading technology to upgrade older equipment from virtually any supplier.”

Magnetek Inc. supplies digital power and motion control systems used in overhead material handling, elevator, and energy delivery applications.



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