The WH48 is capable of blasting wheel rims prior to painting or powder coating
Despite its advantages to component designers titanium is notoriously difficult to form and machine And the difficulties presented in machining the material itself also negatively impact tool life
An estimated 360 steel crankshafts per hour per machine are now processed reliably and continuously at Bharat Forge CDP in Germany
Lighter parts frequently require softer less abrasive blast media The THM troughedbelt continuousfeed shotblast machine with curved throwing blades reduces cycle times for aluminum and magnesiumalloy forgings
Forgital FLY was established in 2007 as a premium custom machining and postmachining service supplier to aircraft and jetengine OEMs and subcontractors
The production capacity of the INTECOdesigned melting and ingot casting operation for stainless steel ingots was not announced
Two linear ways and four guides promote precise and accurate vertical movement of the bow frame Cutting accuracy is enhanced by the horizontal band arrangement hydraulically tensioned blade and double roller prealignment bearings for the blade guiding
"World’s First" Induction Heating Cobot
TimkenSteelrsquos inline forge press is an opendie forging operation that started up in 2013 to improve the ldquocentersoundnessrdquo of large SBQ bar products It delivers 6000 psi of force to compress heated ingots and concast blooms prior to rolling
The new investments will allow toolanddie steel buyers to order semifinished products ready for direct processing potentially reducing overall leadtimes