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In 2017 Carpenter Technology agreed to supply 3D-printer manufacturer Desktop Metal Inc. with materials cartridges for over 20 CarTech® alloy grades, for use in metal 3D printing systems.

Carpenter Planning $52M R&D Center

An Emerging Technology Center opening next year in Alabama will focus on developing additive manufacturing, soft magnetics, and meltless titanium powder technologies.

Carpenter Technology Corp. will build an Emerging Technology Center in Athens, AL, where it will develop additive manufacturing technologies, initially, and later soft magnetics and meltless titanium powder. The $52-millon project is part of a strategy to offer “end-to-end solutions” for additive manufacturing, Carpenter said.

The site is the same one that Carpenter selected in 2013 for a superalloy powder manufacturing plant. It’s also the location of Carpenter’s radial forging operation for specialty alloy and stainless steel bar products.

“By utilizing our metallurgical and process expertise, the Emerging Technology Center is where we will develop and implement future solutions for our customers ranging from new alloys to revolutionary 3D-printed parts,” stated CEO Tony R. Thene. “Our recent investments in AM and soft magnetics indicate our ongoing commitment to the rapidly changing landscape of our industry.” 

In the past year Carpenter has acquired several businesses related to additive manufacturing, including: Puris LLC, a producer of titanium powder; MB CalRAM LLC, a powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing operation; and announced a $100 million investment in soft magnetics capabilities for its Reading, PA, complex.

Carpenter also opened an AM Technology Center at Reading, and established powder-metal supply agreements with several manufacturers of AM parts.

The Alabama Emerging Technology Center is expected to open in about one year, and will have about 60 employees within five years, Carpenter forecast.

to-end” solution to accelerate materials innovation and streamline parts production.

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