Forger Places Large-Scale Order for Heat-Treating Systems

Andritz Maerz to supply Saarschmiede with 21 furnaces

A total of 21 new heat-treating furnaces have been ordered by Saarschmiede GmbH from Andritz Maerz, Dsseldorf, Germany. Saarschmiede is the forging operation of the Saarstahl Group, which produces specialty, engineering, and tool steel forgings used in a range of applications, such as mechanical, machining, and power generation systems.

Andritz Maerz is an operating subsidiary of the Andritz Group. It will deliver 13 horizontal and eight vertical heat-treatment furnaces for a new Saarschmiede forging operation at Vlklingen, Germany, to heat-treat forgings and to harden/temper rotationally symmetric forged pieces and shafts.

According to Andritz Maerz: “The new furnaces are being designed for different charge sizes, up to a maximum 300 metric tons. “The essential performance criteria are precise temperature control of the pre-set heat curves, the use of coke gas, and a natural gas/air mixture, in conjunction with impulse and recuperation burners, circulating heating, zone-related tact control, SP-controlled temperature control zones, as well as lifting and shifting devices.”

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