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American Axle Supplying VW in South America

Program expands AAM portfolio, diversifies customer base

American Axle & Manufacturing reports it has begun supplying rear axles for Volkswagen AG's new double-cab pickup truck, the 2010 Amarok. The systems are being produced at AAM’s Braziian operation and delivered to VW’s Pacheco plant in Argentina.

"We are extremely pleased to be supplying this important new vehicle program which recognizes our capabilities in designing and manufacturing premier driveline and chassis systems for the global market," stated AAM president and COO David C. Dauch. "This program expands AAM's product portfolio and supports our strategy of diversifying our customer base."

The all-wheel drive Amarok is initially destined for the South American market, but will eventually be exported to Central America, Russia, and Europe. The annual production volume is reported to be 2 million worldwide.

The Amarok incorporates AAM's new high-efficiency axle, the TracRite Electronic Locking Differential (ELD), as welll as AAM's chassis-mounted locking differential electronic control module.

American Axle says the open differential and ELD axles are advances of its previous axle technology, and feature a new ring gear diameter, hypoid offset, axle housing and wheel end bearings. The ELD allows drivers to lock a vehicle's wheels quickly, for better traction on the road and off-road. It offers scalable high-torque capacity, low electrical power and actuation that can be programmable, driver selectable, or both, and is compatible with ABS braking.

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