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Behringer HBE320 mitre-cutting bandsaw Behringer Saws
The HBE320-523G has cast-iron band guiding components, an electrically powered chip brush, cutting pressure control, a wide mitre-cutting range, and a spray mist cooling system.

Automatic/Semi-Automatic Mitre-Cutting Bandsaw

High cutting rate, simple handling, and precise mitre cuts, for "exceptional" cost-per-cut ratio

BEHRINGER SAWS INC. introduced a new model to its HBE series: the HBE320-523G mitre-cutting bandsawing machine is available in automatic and semi-automatic styles for all applications. It combines the benefits of modern high-performance machines for individual sawing applications with proven Behringer features.

The HBE320-523G is an entry-level model. “Its high cutting rate, simple handling, and precise mitre cuts make for an exceptional cost-per-cut ratio,” stated Richard Klipp, president.

The range of features included on the HBE320-523G saw include band guiding components cast in vibration-dampening gray iron; an electrically powered chip brush; sensitive cutting pressure control; a wide mitre-cutting range; spray-mist cooling system; and more. The cutting-pressure control system allows the saw to cut profiles and pipes at twice the speed of similar saws in a comparable price bracket.

The new HBE is universal and flexible, and with its extensive application spectrum it covers the wide-ranging requirements for metalworking.

The HBE series is modular in structure: with a comprehensive range of accessories the products can be adjusted to suit specific sawing applications. The machine can be supplemented as required with infeed and outfeed roller conveyors, measuring devices, and cross conveying systems, as well as NC mitre adjustment.
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