Camshaft Measuring Machine

Camshaft Measuring Machine

Updated electronics and motor controls

The Adcole 1310 high-speed gage will measure 10 or more camshaft parameters with 0.1-micron resolution.

ADCOLE CORP.’s end-of-line camshaft inspection gage has been improved with an upgraded submicron accuracy that ensures high-speed production monitoring of up to 200 parts-per-hour. The 1310 High-Speed Camshaft Gage will measure 10 or more parameters — including radius, profile, taper, crown, timing angle, diameter, velocity, acceleration, run-out, roundness, and concentricity. It provides inspectors with 0.1-micron resolution per data point, and has been upgraded now with dual computers, Windows XP-embedded software, and GE Fanuc motion controllers.

Incorporating a Eurocard PCB format with diagnostic test points in front for high reliability and ease of maintenance, the Adcole 1310 has a display that lets operators monitor throughput visually with green, yellow, and red plots that depict in-tolerance, reaching control limits, and out-of-tolerance status. With gage room accuracy, it offers user-programmable measurement parameters and easy part setup changes.


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