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According to Joshua Sun Cosen Saws business development manager MechaLogix tracks excessive vibration overheating and changes in fluidline pressure and ldquocompletely changes the game for cloudbased machine monitoring systems hellip Having a blade fail in the middle of a cut is one of the primary causes of waste and scrap and it negatively impact profitsrdquo
<p>According to Joshua Sun, Cosen Saws business development manager, MechaLogix tracks excessive vibration, overheating, and changes in fluid-line pressure, and &ldquo;completely changes the game for cloud-based machine monitoring systems. &hellip; Having a blade fail in the middle of a cut is one of the primary causes of waste and scrap and it negatively impact profits.&rdquo; </p>

Cloud-Based Monitoring for Bandsaws

MechaLogix Cosen Predictive Computing tracks, reports blade performance Intuitive, user-friendly programming Forecasts remaining cutting hours Real-time performance data

Industrial band-saw designer COSEN SAWS introduced a cloud-based system it claimed revolutionizes the product category with a feature that monitors the performance of a blade and can accurately forecast the number of cutting hours remaining before a saw blade dulls and is no longer cutting with precision, or a complete breakage.

The MechaLogix Cosen Predictive Computing delivers real-time performance data and can report issues like excessive vibration, overheating, and changes in fluid-line pressure. The root cause of an issue is reported in real time, which minimizes down time and enhances overall efficiency.

According to Joshua Sun, business development manager for Cosen Saws, MechaLogix “completely changes the game for cloud based machine monitoring systems.  Our customers have told us how important it is for them to minimize waste and scrap. Having a blade fail in the middle of a cut is one of the primary causes of waste and scrap and it negatively impact profits.”  

He continued: “With our technology, both operators and management will know the remaining useful life on a band saw blade. Gone are the days of tracking machine hours and accumulated cutting area. Now you have advance knowledge of the days and hours before a replacement saw blade is required. That’s what MechaLogix Cosen Predictive Computing does.”

The technology is intuitive and user customizable. Adjustable alert notification settings work seamlessly with the mobile app. “We have been delighted with the enthusiastic response from our customers who have partnered with us during the course of the program,” said Sun.

The comprehensive program includes:
Blade Life Assessment – Monitoring and alert notification of a saw blade’s remaining useful life.   The technology will provide advance notice of required saw blade replacement;
Increased Machine Efficiency & Machine Life – The technology provides real-time analysis of individual components and overall machine health status. It can send notification of abnormal conditions from motors and bearings. It also alerts on frequent consumable items like hydraulic and cutting fluid; and,
Increased Operational Efficiency – The technology can provide production reports to aid in identifying best practices and training needs. Our advanced monitoring and notification system alerts the operation when machine maintenance is needed which aids efficiency in the scheduling of planned events.  


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