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VOMAT UBF vacuum belt filter Oelheld U.S. Inc.
The VOMAT UBF vacuum belt filter requires around 70% less floor space than comparable systems, but with 100% output performance thanks to its belt design.

Compact, Powerful Ultra-Fine Filtration for Grinding Oil

Optimal filtration for highest quality finished parts, promoting longer service life for grinding wheels, pumps, and slide-ways

VOMAT ultra-fine filtration systems can be used especially for carbide and HSS grinding machines, and are available in various sizes. The systems also are compact: A standard system with a flow rate of 70 liters/minute has a foot print of L 1,300x1,100x1,200 mm (LxWxH); a system filtering 120 to 420 liters/minute requires a space of 1600x1000x1200 mm; and a unit with 960 liters/minute output occupies 2500x1400x1500 mm. These compact dimensions keep transport costs low, make re-modeling easier, and provide the customer with more production space.

The new Vomat UBF vacuum belt filter — which achieves filtration fineness of 3 to 25 µm —is ideally suited for filtering oil and emulsion contaminated with steel, HSS, binding agents, or grinding wheel particles. Thanks to a special belt design, the vacuum belt filter requires around 70% less space than conventional systems, but retaining all established performance standards.

Optimally filtered grinding oil guarantees the highest quality finished parts, while also protecting the grinding wheels, pumps, and slide-ways.

"It is becoming increasingly more important to package innovative fine filtration systems in compact dimensions," explained Steffen Strobel, technical sales manager. "We can achieve this with our high-performance pre-coat filters, and thus provide the tool manufacturer with state-of-the-art filtration systems with the smallest possible foot print."

Vomat systems filter in a full-flow process and achieve 100% separation of dirty and clean oil. This process yields grinding oils with 3-5 µm (or NAS 7/8) purity. This is significant for the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece.

In addition, Vomat's filtration systems adapt intelligently to changing grinding and cutting volumes, and initiate the backwash cycle according to the degree of filter element contamination. Individual filters are sequentially backwashed, which guarantees that the system is energy efficient, has an optimal service life, and is always in step with the operation’s grinding machines.
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