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Cincinnati Inc. Power Die Change Hybrid Press Cincinnati Inc.
The Power Die Change compacting press produces PM parts using multiple independent tooling levels.

Compacting Press for Complex PM Parts

Speed and accuracy of a mechanical press with the controllability of a hydraulic press

CINCINNATI INC.’s Power Die Change compacting press combines the speed and accuracy of a mechanical press with the controllability of a hydraulic press — the right combination for high-preciion, high-efficiency pressing of complex powder-metal parts. PM parts with up to eight levels can be produced using the multiple independent tooling levels: outer upper punch; middle platen punch; inner upper punch; shelf or straight through die; outer lower punch; middle lower punch / inner lower punch; and through, stepped or blind core rod

Outer and middle lower punches are supported on "Tri-Press Stops" to facilitate production of complex parts that generate off-center loading. The combination of three press stops per platen and robust guiding ensure precision production of parts using tight tolerance tooling.

Operator-oriented fingertip programming control is provided to simplify press set-up and operation. This not only provides basic control of the press, but also performs extensive press and process monitoring. With available options, it can make on-the-fly process changes to reduce part-to-part variability within a production run.

Critical platen motions are established by generating a desired motion trace using basic part information. The color display indicates the programmed and actual traces of each lower tooling member. This speeds part development and facilitates part problem identification.

Die sets are exchanged in a matter of minutes using the power operated die-set transfer system. Each die set maintains full-time utility connections to speed exchange and provide a means to simulate press motion during tooling set-up.

A power-operated hoist is provided to assist tooling installation/removal and is large enough to use for major die-set repairs, if necessary. A moving floor system increases operator access during tool changes and keeps unwanted debris out of the press pit.
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