MAPAL tools chucks for con rods MAPAL
A new CVD coating combines high ductility and high wear-resistance; the tool body made material reduces vibration; and through-the-holder supply delivers coolant directly at the cutting edges.

Complete Machining for Con Rods

Process may be applied on the transfer line or at the machining center, for wet or MQL machining

MAPAL offers a complete process for machining different types of connecting rods –on the transfer line or at the machining center, as well as for wet or "minimum quantity lubrication" (MQL) machining.

Connecting rods are highly stressed engine parts. In response to vehicle downsizing and efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, connecting rods are becoming increasingly lighter. This is achieved by the use of high-strength and novel materials, and by adopting new production processes. It also changes the shape of the connecting rods, and the variety of shapes is expanding.

When machining the connecting rod, the small connecting pin bore is a particular challenge. Depending on the geometry, there are completely different drilling situations. For example, for various connecting rod forms, flat, deep and conical spherical surfaces or for existing forging noses. MAPAL has developed a modular tool concept for drilling from the solid with indexable inserts, especially for this type of machining. Radially integrated, sintered indexable inserts each, with four cutting edges in use.

The placement of the indexable inserts and the chip flutes are adapted to the special requirements of the different drilling situations. The cutting materials also are adapted. Among other things, MAPAL’s new cutting-tool CVD coating is used, which combines both high ductility and high wear-resistance, and thus allows machining with significantly higher cutting speeds than before.

The body of the new tools is made of an optimized material with significantly less vibration. A central coolant supply in the holder ensures an optimum supply of coolant directly at the cutting edges. This means a significant increase in process reliability and stability during the machining of bores.

MAPAL offers tools as well as chucks tailored to the respective type of machining, including hydraulic power chucks or the HTC with slim contour for locations that are difficult to access, such as the oil bore. With the TOOLTRONIC mechatronic actuating tool, MAPAL also offers the appropriate solution for complex geometries, for example bores that are not circular or shaped bores with an oil groove.
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