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Olympus DSX1000 digital microscope Olympus
The new DSX1000 is capable of 60 frames-per-second image acquisition, for fast, smooth image stitching of large samples.

Digital Microscope for Faster Failure Analysis

High- and low-magnification accuracy and precision in a single instrument

The new OLYMPUS DSX1000 digital microscope combines quality optics with easy-to-use digital technologies for observing and measuring various materials. The microscope offers guaranteed high- and low-magnification accuracy and precision in a single instrument.

New features enhancing the DSX1000’s performance and measurement capabilities, include:
•  Fast, one-button switching between 17 objective lenses for low and high magnification, from 20X to 7000X;
•  Telecentric optical system guarantees accuracy and repeatability at all magnifications;
•  The best image function lets users quickly compare and choose the best observation method among six options — brightfield, oblique, darkfield, MIX, polarization, and differential interference contrast;  
•  60 frames-per-second image acquisition for fast, smooth image stitching for large samples; and,
•  The memory function saves user data for quick, easy set-up and repeatable image acquisition.

Users can change lenses by pushing a button and quickly go from macro-scale inspections to micro-level observations. High numerical aperture lenses provide high resolution at high magnification, so users can see the fine details in their samples.

When working with larger samples, super long working distance objectives minimize the chance of accidentally damaging a sample during analysis, while the coded free-angle observation system and rotating stage (±90°) make it easier to inspect samples from many angles.
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