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Gas Weld Equipment

VICTOR EQUIPMENT CO.'s Cutskill 250 series for cutting and welding torches are designed specifically for light- to medium-duty applications and frequent use. They feature critical, patented safety features built into the torch handles with traditional threaded assemblies for quick repair if necessary. The 250 series also features built-in performance features, such as a stainless steel cutting oxygen lever; a durable pull design; ease-on HP cutting oxygen seat; spiral mixer that blends all fuel gases with preheat oxygen; tube nuts for ease of repair; silver brazed tubes at torch head; forged-brass head heavy-wall design; large-capacity oxygen and preheat orifices; and a beveled seat design offering improved resilience to leaks. The Cutskill series also features the 350 model for medium- to heavy-duty applications, and the 450 series for heavy duty applications.

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