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Cenos Platform v.2 CENOS LLC
Cenos Platform v.2 contains a fully automated framework for processing CAD files for a workpiece, coil, and flux concentrators with ease, presenting simulated heating results in 3D.

Induction-Heating Simulation Software

Open-source program for 3D simulation of heating sequences, simplifies testing and project planning

CENOS LLC introduced an updated version of its CENOS Platform induction heating simulation software program. Version 2.0 contains a fully automated CAD framework that lets engineers process CAD files for a workpiece, coil, and flux concentrators with ease, and to obtain simulated heating results visualized in 3D to inform and test design decisions.

CENOS is an acronym for “Connecting ENgineering Open Source,” highlighting its new approach to software design and application. CENOS was established in 2017 by a team of Ph.D.s, engineers, and software developers, with a vision of bringing shared economy to the engineering world, to save engineers time and accelerate innovation.

The new release marks a significant milestone in the software's development, according to the developer, with a newly designed CAD processing framework simplifying the testing requirements of heating sequences, even for engineers with no previous simulation experience.

An important differentiator for CENOS Platform is the use of open-source algorithms and tools. According to CEO Mihails Scepanskis: “With the help of open-source tools we can focus on user experience, sustain affordable prices, and provide the best customer service. Combining a passionate drive of a startup company with the knowledge of open-source community, we've found a winning formula and proved that integrated open-source tools can overperform some of the leading commercial software in the market.”

The software developer is targeting small- and mid-sized operations that use induction heating, which may expect to save up to 80% of design time and costs using a digital process simulation. “Today, with leading induction-heating companies onboard, we see that our approach has the potential to serve other applications apart from induction heating,” Mihails added.
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