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RPB Safety Z4 welding/grinding respirator RPB Safety
The developer describes its Z4 welding/grinding respirator as "the lightest professional flip-up in the world," weighing only 1.77 lb.

Lightweight Welding/Grinding Respirator

Ergonomic design evenly distributes weight to the sides, eliminating top-heavy pressure points and alleviating neck and upper back strain.

The RPB® SAFETY Z4® Welding/Grinding Respirator is up to 23% lighter than comparable products, weighing only 1.77 lbs. (805 grams), allowing the developer to describe it as “the lightest professional flip-up in the world.” Inspired by U.S. military design, the RPB® Z4® is a reimagined approach to the fit and performance of a welding shield. The ergonomic design evenly distributes weight to the sides of the welder’s head, eliminating top-heavy pressure points around the forehead and temples and alleviating strains on the neck and upper back.

The design allows welders to configure the RPB® Z4® to their individual preferences, ensuring each user has the most customized fit. Configurable features include:
Adjustable padded head suspension — Six points of adjustment ensure it fits securely and moves with the welder, no matter the angle. The optional side padding distributes weight evenly to enhance comfort, increase stability, and improve weight distribution, while reducing background noise (noise attenuation).
Adjustable airflow — A patent-pending dual air-distribution system delivers 75% of the air through a swivel outlet, allowing the welder to direct the flow as he/she chooses. The remaining 25% of the air is automatically directed to the lens to prevent and eliminate fogging.
Flip-up weld visor and crystal-clear grinding visor — The RPB® Z4® includes a crystal-clear grinding visor beneath a flip-up welding visor, which can be quickly and easily lifted when needed. The grinding visor is ANSI Z87+ approved, ensuring the welder’s eyesight is always protected.

Optical clarity — Fitted with a large ADF lens, the RPB® Z4® boasts the highest possible optical quality rating of The all-important fourth “1” represents advanced angular dependence control, guaranteeing uniform shading and distortion-free vision. This allows the welder to work comfortably across different angles as required.

Optional side windows — The RPB® Z4® is fitted with Shade 5 peripheral side windows, giving the welder advanced peripheral vision. Window blockers are included, so the side windows may be used or blocked, as desired.

Vision-link The RPB® Z4® is the world’s first welding respirator with a lighting option. The RPB® Vision-Link offers 650 lumens and can be added to the RPB® Z4® at any point, without modifications to the respirator.

Comms-Link The Comms-Link is an optional radio communication system that can be fitted to any RPB® Z4® respirator, allowing welders to communicate easily, even in high-noise environments.
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