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ATI mobile platform transporter Air Technical Industries
The 24-or 48-V battery-powered unit charges itself automatically at a docking station, allowing it to be used up to 16 hours/day.

Mobile Lift-Platform Transporter

Variable speed unit with built-in hydraulic lift for up to 10,000 pounds

AIR TECHNICAL INDUSTRIES introduced a versatile material transport platform it developed, with built-in hydraulic lift up to 10,000-lb capacity.  The unit is fully self-sufficient and battery-powered with a built in charger (24 or 48 volts), automatically charging itself at a docking station.  This feature allows the unit to be used 16 hours a day, increasing efficiency and saving time, according to ATI.

The unit has infinitely variable speed travel control from zero up to 3 mph and is equipped with an automated braking system with gradual acceleration and deceleration.  “No jolting and jerky starts or stops,” the developer noted.

Wireless remote controls are available for operator convenience, with up to 100 feet of range.  Similar to a TV remote, the transmitter controls the travel as well as lifting and lowering functions.

The platform deck is supplied with various options: plain flat surface, “V” shape top for transporting cylindrical rolls, and equipped with gravity or powered-roller conveyor for loading and unloading.  A powered rotating platform can change the orientation of the load, or an upender function can pick-up the load in a horizontal position and deliver it in vertical position or vice versa.

The unit travels on a subsurface mounted track, or it can travel on a surface mounted flat bar track attached to the floor.  The wheels are double-flanged steel to travel a straight line for dedicated application. It also can run on a crane rail or inverted angle track, if equipped with V-groove wheels.

When the unit is equipped with power steering for more versatility, polyurethane wheels ensure quiet, smooth operation, protecting the floor.

The self-propelled Mobile Lift Platform Transporter will increase performance, improve safety, and eliminate lifting, stretching and pulling, according to ATI.
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