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More Productive, Heavy-Duty Blast Wheel

Blasts better at reduced abrasive flow rates, while improving cycle times and first-time pass rates

WHEELABRATOR’s new blast wheel for heavy-duty applications — COMET HD —offers a clearly defined, even blast pattern and higher peak blast intensities at reduced abrasive flow rates, thereby reducing abrasive consumption while improving cycle times and first-time pass rates. Wheelabrator has optimized the journey of the abrasive from the ground up, using advanced testing and imaging technology to identify and eliminate all instances of waste in the blast process.

The R&D team chose a broad definition of ‘waste’ to include things like loss of energy of each abrasive particle, unnecessary wear, over-consumption of power or blast media, uneven hotspot or uncontrolled blast pattern, as well as time spent on overly complicated maintenance or time lost due to incorrect machine set-ups.

The result is a blast wheel that achieves more with less, is easy to assemble, service and upgrade, is impossible to configure incorrectly on re-assembly, wears less, and blasts fast and with precision. All this adds up to measurable and considerable cost savings.

For example: COMET HD achieves over 5% higher peak blast intensities at 7% less abrasive flow, when compared to a proven, current HD blast wheel design, resulting in at least a 7% saving in abrasive (a typical foundry may use around 100 tons of abrasive per year);

In the same set-up, the abrasive breakdown rate is reduced by up to 24%;

Tested against an existing wheel design on a foundry application, COMET HD achieved a similar blast result within a blast cycle time that was almost a fifth (17%) shorter, and at an abrasive flow reduced by 8%.

Taken together, these details equate to a potential total abrasive saving of up to 29%. Learn more at

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