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New Products: Pallet Trucks, Lubricants …

Crain/hoist inspection, much more

Hand Pallet Trucks
BLUE GIANT’s line of hand pallet trucks (FTP55, EPT55, and GPT55) feature easy maneuverability. The FTP55 is an inexpensive medium-duty option, with a 5,500 lb capacity and tapered forks with ramped tips for easy entry and exit. It requires just 13 full strokes to reach its maximum height of 7.5 ft. The EPT55 is a heavy-duty unit with a galvanized hydraulic pump with overload relief valve and both hand and foot brake ability. It will reach its full height of 7.5 ft. with just 10 strokes. The GPT55 features an ergonomic design and allows for entry and exit for convenient maneuvering on all four sides of a pallet. It has a 210° operational arc, three position fingertip control, and cushioned hand rests.

Bio-Based Lubricant
CORTEC CORP.’s EcoLine bearing, chain, and roller lubricant is a bio-based, rust-preventative lubricant, formulated with American-grown soybeans for superior lubricity. It contains 86% less petroleum than traditional lubricants without sacrificing performance characteristics or changing the metal surface properties. It is ready-to-use and can be applied by automatic or manual equipment, providing protection for up to 24 months, even in the most aggressive environments.

Crane and Hoist Inspection
KONECRANES’ new crane and hoist inspection service, MAINMAN, is a multi-point visual inspection of overhead lifting equipment enhanced by the company’s proprietary software. Inspection results are delivered in a detailed report that can be hand delivered or accessed through the Internet. The reports alert customers of maintenance problems and point out areas that are not in compliance with OSHA standards. All Mainman inspections are performed by trained inspectors who are certified to KCI-Masters standards. Mainman’s customized reports capture data on the condition of hundreds of equipment components and satisfy regulatory requirements. Inspectors pinpoint safety and compliance issues and monitor critical items that can result in equipment downtime. Recommendations for preventative maintenance are prioritized by safety conditions, production risks, and inconsequential findings.

Synthetic-Base Anti-Seize Against Galling, Rusting
DYLON’s new heavy-duty Anti-Seize formula provides maximum protection against galling, rusting, and heat bonding under the most extreme conditions of heat and pressure, even after being exposed to working temperatures up to 1,850°F. It is environmentally-friendly and features multi-sized polished copper flakes and natural graphite in a synthetic base. No mixing is required and it will not harden, separate, or evaporate.

Custom Tags and Labels
BADGER TAG & LABEL CORP. is offering a large selection of finishing options for its custom tags and labels, including scoring, perforation, lamination, UV coating, and any variety of attachments. Scoring allows for easy folding; perforation for easy tear-away of sectioned tags; matte or gloss finish for protecting printed information; and holes provide any number of attachment options. Wires, hooks, and plastic ties are also available.

On-Machine Inspection Measurement Device
FARO TECHNOLOGIES’ PowerGAGE is a measurement device that adds CAD-to-part analysis capability to its FaroGAGE product line. It is an on-machine inspection device that enables manufacturers to verify that a part meets the CAD file’s specs to within 0.0002 of an inch. It runs exclusively on a version of Delcam’s PowerINSPECTsoftware. Combined it can create inspection programs/routines offline for anyone in the facility to run; import all major industry CAD formats; perform surface inspection against master CAD files; receive onscreen instructions, including images and videos; and access a full suite of geometric inspection tools.

Motion Control Couplings
LOVEJOY’s new line of motion control couplings are available in several styles, including beam, Oldham, mini-jaw, bellows, mini-soft, mini-disc, and curved jaw. They provide accurate transfer of motion between two rotating shafts, compensating for parallel, angular, and axial misalignments, with a wide selection available to tailor the fit of any manufacturing facility’s internal tolerance ranges. For harsh environments, maximum temperature tolerances on some styles reach 300°F; high-speed operations can look to the GS curved-jaw mini-coupling, with a maximum 31,800 RPM. The bellows-style clamp coupling specifically addresses higher torque and bore capacities.

Horizontal Machining Centers
MAKINO’s J3 horizontal machining centers are high-speed, high production, and ideal for high-volume parts manufacturing and numerous forms of automation and part transfer, especially for small automotive components and diecast aluminum parts. Equipped with various coolant functions and exceptional chip management systems, especially the chip disposal system with its 30°-incline oil pan and shortened coolant trough to quickly remove chips and heat from the machine structure. Its flexible HSK-A50 spindle tool interfaces comes with a tool storage capacity of 15 tools, and HSK-50/63 tool holders that can achieve greater rigidity and superior finishes based on the needs of your application. Its compact machine design offers a 40% reduction in power consumption and a footprint of 50 x 124 in.

Heavy-Duty Cutting
JOHNFORD’s HMC-500 H is a heavy-duty horizontal machining center (HMC) that delivers high speed and high accuracy. The box-in-box structure ensures fast acceleration and high rigidity. The high-speed rapid traverse is due to rugged roller-type linear slide ways. Supplied with a standard 3.54-in. diameter spindle directly coupled to a Fanuc spindle motor. By directly driving the spindle, vibration is greatly reduced and spindle acceleration is minimized. Also comes with high-pressure coolant through the spindle, high-pressure flood coolant, coolant shower, two pallet APC, 60 tool ATC, and a complete chip removal system with conveyors.

Soluble Oil Metalworking Fluids
CIMCOOL’s Cimperial Z Fluid line of soluble oil products is designed for heavy-duty machinery and grinding on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It offers long fluid life, corrosion protection, high lubricity, low foaming characteristics, and excellent rancidity control.

Optimize and Manage Metal Production
ABB’s new program, [email protected], is the latest in collaborative product management software for the metals industry. ANSI ISA 95-compliant, it builds on ABB’s experience of optimizing and managing metals production processes, from start to finish. Order handling work process is dealt with by the Execution Manager functions, which handle production planning of orders. The Tracking Manager provides a timely and accurate image of material movements, allowing for coordination and control of the production tasks. Optimization Manager manages data input and output, model execution, presentation, and distribution of model results. Other functions include Storage Manager, Roll Manager, Performance Management, and full integration with laboratory and ERP systems.

Wireless Shaft Alignment
LUDECA’s Rotalign Ultra Laser Alignment System for rotating machinery provides wireless transmission of data via Bluetooth technology. Solid data transmission is assured and neither indoor lighting fixtures, 2-way radios, cellular phones, nor other external signals interfere with accurate transmission of data. The wireless element helps avoid tangled cables that could be stepped on, damaged, or cause accidents.

Sealing Technology
GARLOCK SEALING TECHNOLOGY introduces its leak-free, no-dilution, HydraJust sealing system. It replaces mechanical seals in virtually any industrial pumping application and is suitable for hostile, abrasive environments. Benefits include no risk of catastrophic failure; outage-to-outage service in most industrial pumping applications; reduced water consumption with cool, dry operation and no dilution; easy installation and operation — no special equipment required to use or install; fast installation; no start-up adjustments; and lower costs than mechanical seals.

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