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SiClone and SiCloneXP Simonds Saw
For cutting steel and high-nickel alloys, the new SiClone® XP will replace the X51 bandsaw product line. The SiClone® bandsaw blade will continue to be available.

New Range of Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades

Four new product series for general purpose cutting, production cutting, and cutting structural steel and tough exotic alloys

SIMONDS SAW launched a new range of bi-metal bandsaw blade products, raising the global performance standard in all metal-cutting market segments. Multiple rounds of testing, prototyping, and optimization with professionals led to the development four new bi-metal bandsaw blades that are high-performing across various functions — including general purpose cutting, production cutting, cutting of structural steel, and cutting of tough exotic alloys.

“We fully expect our new product line of bi-metal bandsaw blades to have a global impact on the metal cutting industry,” stated Simonds Saw president David Miles.

Simonds Saw’s current Dieband, Broadband, and Blockbuster general purpose commodity and production bandsaw blades, will be phased-out in favor of the Epic® GP product line.

Broadband and IC Enduro general purpose commodity bandsaw blades will be phased-out in favor of SBX GP.

X51, Simonds’ existing product for production cutting of steel and high-nickel alloys, will be phased out in favor of SiClone® XP.

After extensive field testing, the Simonds’ SiClone® bandsaw blade was determined to be high performing in its current state, and will continue to be available.
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