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New Water-Based Forging Lubricant

New Water-Based Forging Lubricant

Solution specially developed for forging automotive, aerospace components

The odorless CONDAFORGE 625 is specially developed for high-performance and lubricity on hot-forging tools.

CONDAFORGE 625, a new lubricant from CONDAT has been designed for automotive and aerospace part forging, mainly for steel, titanium, Inconel, and aluminum. Developed using a specific formulation technology using ultra-thin graphite particle size, it allows a high performance and lubricity on hot forging tools.

The wetting properties of CONDAFORGE 625 have been reinforced through a new optimized binder; the coating is homogeneous and maintenance costs are limited, as less lubricant is needed for the same result.

Free from ammonia, CONDAFORGE 625 is odorless, user friendly, and easy to clean. Concentrated (3% to 10%), it can easily be diluted in water and generates substantial savings in lubricant consumption. It can be applied with a dosing system, such as CONDAMIX.

CONDAT develops and improves products for all forging processes (ferrous, nonferrous, aerospace, warm, and hot), including graphite lubricants for hot and warm forging of steel; nonferrous forging lubricants; glass coatings for aeronautic forging of titanium, Inconel, etc.; and graphite-free lubricants for hot forging.


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