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Spectro Scientific FluidScan Spectro Scientific
The patented FluidScan technology collects light transmitted through a drop of a fluid sample and registers the infrared absorption spectrum. The spectrum data is compared to a built-in fluid reference library, for rapid, on-site lubricant analysis.

Next-Generation Portable Oil Analyzer

Mid-infrared spectrometer with upgraded electronics, software, memory, and ergonomics

SPECTRO SCIENTIFIC, a supplier of oil, fuel, and processed-water analysis instrumentation and software, released a new generation of its FluidScan® mid-infrared spectrometer handheld oil analyzer. The patented FluidScan technology collects light transmitted through one drop of a fluid sample and registers the infrared absorption spectrum. The analyzer compares spectrum data to a built-in fluid reference library and provides rapid, on-site analysis of in-service lubricants.

Analysis takes less than one minute, users need no special training, and the process requires no solvents or complicated cleanup, according to the developer.

The latest model analyzer has upgraded digital electronics and faster embedded processors, with new software and calculation algorithms that speed analysis. It hosts more data and algorithm storage with much larger memory.

The new oil library includes almost 800 oils and greases of a wide range of chemistry and brands; The grease library is significantly expanded and a new water index parameter helps users track dissolved water trends in used grease.

New software algorithms include a fluid integrity parameter that permits users to determine if a substance with a different chemistry is mixed with the lubricant, a common problem in oil top-off process. A new biodiesel detection algorithm measures the percentage of biodiesel fluid in engine oil. When combined with the Spectro Scientific FDM 6000 series fuel dilution meters, a more accurate measurement of total biodiesel and diesel dilution percentage can be obtained. Fuel dilution is one of the biggest problems identified in engine oil analysis.

A new ability to make corrections to stored factory fluid data means there is no need to create new user fluid entries to correlate FluidScan results with those from commercial laboratories.

Ergonomic improvements include a 50% larger and brighter LCD screen. A new LED light in the sampling head enables users to quickly check for air bubbles in an oil sample, supporting improved measurement quality.

The new release includes two models. FluidScan 1000 is designed as a standalone unit for fleet operations or oil analysis labs, supported by Spectro’s Fluid Manager software.  FluidScan 1100 is engineered to operate on a standalone basis or as part of a Spectro MiniLab configuration. Fluid Manager software and the newly introduced TruVu 360™ Device Console (TDC) software support it.
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