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Sisu Chemical Scibond SL-87 Sisu Chemical
Scibond SL-87 is applied directly to metal, with no requirement for a conversion coating needed, then dried prior to cold forging or tube drawing.

One-Step Lubricant for Cold Forging

Environmentally friendly replacement for zinc phosphate and/or halogenated oil systems

SISU CHEMICAL is now supplying on commercial scale an environmentally friendly, one-step lubricant for cold forging to replace both the zinc phosphate and halogenated oil systems, Scibond SL-87.  A gloss anneal pre-treatment is recommended, but demonstrations with carbon steel parts have been successful with simple normalizing. 

Then, the lubricant is directly applied to the bare metal.  No conversion coat is required. No degreasing or pickling is required, provided the metal surface is not highly scaled or rusted. 

All rinses and all high-temperature tanks are eliminated. All plant effluents are eliminated. 

Once filled, the bath is never replaced, as proven by ten years of experience. 

Once the metal is coated and the lubricant is dried, the parts are processed at maximum production speeds.  For tube drawing, the metal surface is acceptable for SSID applications. 

Significant improvements are achieved because the lubricant is a coating and not a reactive bath.  Cold heading trials show improved definition over zinc phosphate.

According to the developer, net results of the Scibond SL-87 in practical application are:
•  Process simplification
•  Reduced energy usage
•  Eliminated all plant waste streams
•  Eliminated all auxiliary chemicals
•  In-use cost reduction
•  Improved coating quality
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