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Industrial Innov.s PRO-MIX DC Coolant Mixing Sys Industrial Innovations
The Pro-Mix DC proportioning system mixes lubricant or coolant concentrate with water on demand at adjustable ratios from 5:1 to 500:1.

Portable Lubricant and Coolant Mixing System

Delivers a homogeneous mixture allowing press equipment to run efficiently, accurately, and repeatably, improving up-time, die life, and part quality

INDUSTRIAL INNOVATIONS is now offering the portable Pro-Mix™ DC proportioning systems, to supply a mixture of lubricant or coolant concentrate with water, on demand, at adjustable ratios ranging from 5:1 to 500:1. These systems provide a homogeneous lubricant mixture allowing forging (or diecasting) equipment to run more efficiently, with accuracy and repeatability, while improving up time, die life, and part quality.

Positioned at the point of use, our Pro-Mix 1 DC eliminates the practice of manual hand-mixing and/or transporting pails of mixed lube across the plant floor. The small footprint of only 19-in. wide x 26-in. deep x 62-in. tall, and outfitted with casters, makes possible easy placement to support one or multiple forging presses (depending upon overall demand) running the same lubricant or coolant dilution ratio.

Using a pneumatic paddle wheel agitator, the diluted mixture in the 30-gallon stainless steel reservoir is mixed continuously, which is particularly important with fluids containing solids that may fall out of solution. Sensors detect liquid levels that automatically initiate the mixing system on demand as the mixed lube is distributed to the point of application. Distribution to the press is accomplished using a 37-gallon-per-minute air diaphragm pump with a pulse dampening accumulator.

The stainless steel, positive-displacement proportioning pump maintains an accurate and repeatable dilution ratio, meanwhile providing long service life. The maximum flow rate of the proportioning pump is seven gallons per minute.

A simple hook up to 120-volt power, plant compressed air, and water gets the unit up and running quickly and easily.
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