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Forging die repair is done by maneuvering a gaming style controller, and the work is observed from any distance on a desktop monitor.

Remote-Controlled Flood Welding for Safe Die Repairs

Operators remain secure and comfortable, using a robot arm and heavy welding electrode to fill gaps, restore surfaces with high-deposition welding

WELD MOLD CO. has rebranded its RC-17 remote-controlled flood-welding package as the WMC SafetyRobot, and now offers the technology as a complete, self-contained unit for a plug-and-play installation.

The process allows forging operations to conduct high-deposition welding to repair forging dies effectively, using a robotically powered welding electrode. Operators observe their work in safety and comfort, from any distance, on a desktop monitor as they maneuver the robot arm using a gaming style controller.  While maintaining full control of the process, operators are protected from heat, smoke, fumes and radiation, and no longer risk the safety and health issues that may result from exposure to high-volume MIG welding.

The package includes the fully powered welding robot and controls, plus all interconnecting cables, and a complete welding power source and associated equipment for running 0.035 to 3/16 in. diameter wires.

Also included is the operator’s station, dual monitors, PC, cameras, video capabilities, and interconnected visuals for control. The installation also features a heavy-duty die-holding turntable, lighting for the welding cage, an air hammer, needle scaler, air hose, and stand.

Weld Mold will provide on-site training for the WMC SafetyRobot system.

An optional fully programmed system is available for automatic operation.

Weld Mold manufactures high-quality custom solutions for general welding and forge welding, including specialty high-alloy welding electrodes, cored and solid wire products for welding and flood welding, and specially designed machinery for the flood welding. The WMC SafetyRobot system is available for sale or lease.
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Correction: July 28, 2018
This report is revised to describe the renamed WMC SafetyRobot.
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