Elotherm rotary-hearth preheat furnace Electrotherm Industry
The 24-in. work zone is accessible via pneumatically operated, front-side door for loading and unloading.

Rotary Hearth Furnace for Preheating

Standalone unit can be synchronized for fully automated precision forging operations

ELECTROTHERM INDUSTRY preheating rotary furnaces are designed to ensure temperature uniformity and repeatability for continuous precision forging operations. Typical applications would include forging of aerospace components or orthopedic implants. Materials to be heated in the unit may include titanium- and nickel-based alloys and stainless steels.

The furnace design features a pneumatically operated, front-side door for loading and unloading parts. Attention is given in design to ensure quick, simple maintenance and durability.

The work-zone has a diameter of 24 in. (600 mm) and a door opening of 8x8 in. (200x200 mm, WxH.) It operates at 24-kW of heating power for a temperature range of 1,290-2,190°F (700-1,200°C), with uniformity according to AMS 275E Class 3.

The unit has a footprint is 63x87x92 in. (1,600x2,200x2,320 mm, WxDxH.)

The wheel-mounted furnace is easily positioned for operating with a tending robot, or removed from the line for service or maintenance. Leveling screws help to position the furnace accurately. The table height is easily adjusted using the HMI.

The furnace works as a stand-alone unit and can be synchronized with robotic equipment for a fully automated work cell for precision forging, forming, or stamping.
Learn more at www.electrothermindustry.com

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