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Servo Motor Accelerates Precision Forming

Feintool’s newest machine is described as “the fastest fineblanking press to date”

In forming processes, precision is the primary standard for successful performance, but speed is an increasingly important factor too. Recently, Feintool introduced the fastest fineblanking press to date — the XFT 1500speed — which performs at up to 200 strokes per minute.  "Our main goal was to take the advantages of fineblanking to a level of production that outstrips conventional blanking in terms of part quality, clean cut percentage, and dimensional repeatability in sheet thicknesses of over two millimeters," stated Markus Schaltegger, head of presses and systems for Feintool.

Fineblanking is a process that simultaneously compresses and shears sheet metal in order to reduce the amount of tearing along the edge. The results are blanks with neatly defined shapes and edges that are completely smooth.

Fineblanking differs from conventional blanking or shearing because of the process precision of the process. The combination of fineblanking and forming offers new industrial series production possibilities for cost-efficient complex parts production.

Feintool specializes in the development of fineblanking systems and the production of fineblanked and formed parts, notably for the automotive industry.

The 1,500-kN XFT 1500speed replaces an earlier Feintool machine design, the GKP 100/160 and MFA 1600, and is compatible with existing tools. The developer claims the new design can double the output of the previous machines, but achieves its peak potential when using specially developed, custom high-speed tools.

Manufacturing costs and investment costs per part are lower with less energy consumption and press maintenance, it claims, and it’s also capable of turning out small batch sizes economically.

Without a gearbox, the drive motor operates at 200 RPM versus 1,200 RPM. The servo motor has a faster dynamic response and can be programmed with absolute precision.

The Feintool Motion Control unit can define acceleration, part removal and intermediate stops to an accuracy of two milliseconds. "With stroke rates this high, it was clear to us that tool safety should have special priority," stated Schaltegger. If a malfunction occurs, the XFT 1500speed only needs a braking distance of two millimeters."

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