cold forged shafts
Scibond SL-90 is an environmentally friendly formula for high-volume cold forming of parts and tooling.

Single-Step Lubricant for Stamping

New formulation provides a dry surface for easy mold release, and no need to change out the bath, as with a zinc-phosphate solution

SISU CHEMICAL is introducing Scibond SL-90, a single-step lubricant designed specifically for stamping applications — meaning high-volume cold forming of parts like bolts and nuts. The lubricant eliminates the need for any phosphate conversion coat or any harsh chemical pre-treatments of the working material, and is based on proprietary acrylic technology. It is “environmentally friendly,” according to the developer. 

Following the earlier release of Scibond SL-87 — an acrylic polymer solution for use in place of zinc phosphate and halogenated oil lubricants in high-stress forming, e.g., tube drawing, cold heading — the developers responded to inquiries from manufacturers still using zinc-phosphate lubricants for part stamping.

Among these were a large manufacturing of tools, and another producer of lug nuts. The latter participated in the trials that resulted in the new product. In their working experience, Scibond SL-87 “was too tacky and resulted in build-up in the dies.”  In addition, they described the forming process as a "hard stamp" that incurred excessive tool wear.

After several iterations, a new Scibond SL-90 formulation was found to provide a dry surface for easy mold release, according to the developer, and it eliminates the need to change out the bath, as with the zinc phosphate system. Once a tank is charged, it is simply topped off as needed. 

Scibond SL-90 also may be applied as a spray. 

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