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The 72DDST has a floorlevel auxiliary shot hopper with a sensor to monitor abrasive levels
<p>The 72DDST has a floor-level auxiliary shot hopper with a sensor to monitor abrasive levels.</p>

Swing-Open Tables for Blast Machine

Viking&rsquo;s new double-door design supports 72-in.diam. rotating tables Hgh-volume abrasive at 300 ft/sec 3/4 HP drive, 5 RPM Table is half-inch thick manganese or AR500

Viking Blast & Wash Systems released a new blast cleaning machine for its Industrial line of double-door swing tables. The 72DDST has two 6-ft. diameter, door-mounted tables. The parts to be cleaned will pass in front of two, VK PowerMax 1500 20-HP, direct drive, blast wheels delivering high-volume abrasive at 300 feet per second velocity to clean the parts.  

The workload is supported on a 72-inch diameter steel table rotated by a 3/4 horsepower drive motor at 5 RPM.

The table is formed in half-inch thick, replaceable manganese or AR 500 plate, with slotted openings to drain abrasive into the recovery system.

The floor-level auxiliary shot hopper has a sensor to monitor abrasive levels, and a optional pneumatic gate valve is available for automatic addition of abrasive into blast system, to maintain optimal abrasive levels. This ensures maximum machining at 2,100-lb. abrasive capacity.

All Viking cartridge-style dust collectors are sold with NFPA required deflagration panels as standard. 

Viking Blast & Wash Systems offers industrial cleaning packages (shot blasting, washing, or vibratory systems) for all sizes and shapes of metal parts


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