Two-Stage Extruding/Forging Press

Two-Stage Extruding/Forging Press

LASCO's double press uses a two-stage process for forging engine valves involves extrusion of the stem, followed by forging of the head, in the same heat. It is fully automated, with the hydraulic part equipped with offset turntables in the press table and the press ram with four extrusion dies alternately loaded. The turnable principle provides adequate time for applying die lubricant and reduces heat transfer to the extrusion punches and dies. The pressure dwell time of the screw press unit is between 50-60 ms, ensuring a life of the heading die between 200,000-300,000 parts if using hard metal forging die inserts. Heat loss during robot arm transfer of parts from the extrusion press to the screw press is reduced considerably by combining both presses in a single frame. The stroke of the extrusion press is monitored and controlled to ensure stems of equal length.

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