Solar Atmospheres Heat Exchanger Cleaning Solar Atmospheres
Cleaning process involves a 12-hour soak in a water-based cleaning agent, followed by jet-washing to remove accumulated debris.

Vacuum Furnace Heat-Exchanger Cleaning Process

Soak-clean-jet wash sequence removes debris and dirt that reduces cooling rates

SOLAR ATMOSPHERES has developed a cleaning process for heat exchangers that are critical elements in heat-treatment systems. The group is a provider of commercial vacuum heat-treatment services, including annealing, stress-relieving, brazing, hardening/tempering, nitriding, homogenizing, and more. Its affiliate Solar Manufacturing develops vacuum heat-treatment systems.

In the operation of vacuum furnaces the quench gas heat-exchanger fins can become clogged with various types of debris and dirt that is difficult to clean completely with standard pressure washing and other conventional methods. The clogged heat exchanger impedes quench-gas flow, resulting in reduced work cooling rates.

The special process developed by Solar Atmospheres involves a 12-hour soak for heat-exchangers, submerged in a suitable tub using a water-based cleaning agent. Recirculated forced water jets wash out the accumulated dirt from deep within the heat exchanger. Then, the heat-exchanger is pressure washed and blown dry with nitrogen gas.

The heat exchanger is cleaned to an as-new condition and returned to the user.
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