Allegro Portable Fume Extractor Allegro
The Portable Fume Extractor is designed for field work, maintenance, and production welding.

Versatile Portable Fume Extractor

Lightweight machine increases safety for welders working off-site, in production, or in maintenance

ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES is offering a lightweight, portable welding-fume extracting machine that increases the safety standards for welders working off-site or in production, or in maintenance welding. The Allegro Portable Fume Extractor offers portable extraction with high (226 CFM) and low (113 CFM) capability for MIG, TIG, and soldering work.

According to the developer, the Portable Fume Extractor is easy to use. It is supplied with a selections of pre-filters and main filters for a variety of work, including HEPA filtration to capture and control hexavalent chromium.

The package includes a durable, 10-ft extraction hose with flexible steel tube hood assembly; 10-in. slot nozzle; a magnetic support base that allows for hands-free operation; filter-change status LED light; and a built-in spark trap for fire safety.

Both UL Listed and CSA approval are pending, according to the supplier.

Allegro filters and pre-filters are offered in six different combinations and allow maximum flexibility for varying work applications, including HEPA for hexavalent chromium control and 95% for carbon-steel weld fumes.

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