XSYTIN1 is the strongest ceramic insert grade ever produced by Greenleaf and recommended for use in interrupted cuts removal of scale roughing semifinish and finish cuts in heatresistant superalloy materials cast irons nodular irons ductile irons steel alloys and stainless steels
Public-Private Partnerships Put Form to Big Ideas
Air-Purifying Respirator for Worker Protection
The Machine Monitoring System MMS reportedly increases availability and improves production and parts quality
System Monitors Nitrogen-Supply Safety Purge
The Green Hydraulic Powerreg system is available as a standard package with 100 200 and 300gallon tank units rated up to 4000 PSI
The WH48 is capable of blasting wheel rims prior to painting or powder coating
Despite its advantages to component designers titanium is notoriously difficult to form and machine And the difficulties presented in machining the material itself also negatively impact tool life
QuesTekrsquos Ferriumreg M54reg steel is now in use forming hook shanks part of the tailhook system that is used to achieve quick deceleration of jets landing on aircraft carrier decks
Using the correct welding wire will reduce a forging shoprsquos need to maintain a large inventory of die steels and significantly increase the performance and productivity of the forging dies according to Postle Industriesrsquo Hardface Technologies