Transmet Corp. stainless steel grit
A 4in Ingersoll HiQuadXXX facemill takes off more than 0300 in per pass to fully penetrate the heavy oxide crust in a 4140 steel forging
Chip Trapper Prolongs Coolant Life
OT2 Core laser tracker is lighter than most trackers The total system weight including controllers is just 109 kg This portability makes it an ideal measurement tool for many applications with its 50meter operating range
Kobe to Increase Aluminum Automotive Forging, Again
Tozmetal offers a range of more than 1500 powdermetal parts mainly for the European automotive market
Developers call their new AirForge 4028 ldquothe clean lubrication revolution for every forging operationrdquo
HMI Workstations for Productivity, Increased Plant Safety
The Model 1004SS M4 NPT backblow air nozzle was designed to deliver the smallest most effective airflow via an array of holes to clear out coolant chips and light oils after machining
DANFORGE is an ldquoofflinerdquo multifunction program designed specifically to be managed and used by the machine operator via desktop HMI