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Kadant AES, Girard Engineering Partner on Hydraulics Systems

UNiGY PhD maximizes efficiency, performance for forging

Kadant AES reports it has formed a strategic partnership with Girard Engineering, which is using the Kadant UNiGY PhD drive technology to save energy-consumption and improve performance in its hydraulic press systems.

The UNiGY package is a patented technology that uses pump-modeling software in closed-loop, flux vector drives for hydraulic power generation, and to monitor and control high-pressure positive displacement pumps. The UNiGY PhD (Pump-modeling hydraulic Drive) technology offers precise control of pressure and flow.

Kadant AES is a division of Kadant Inc, a process solutions supplier. It says the UNiGY technology “reduces energy use, simplifies system design and provides valuable pump and systems diagnostics which significantly reduces maintenance and downtime expense.”

Girard Engineering designs and implements automation controls for industrial applications, retrofitting existing equipment or providing customized controls in various combinations. Kadant indicates Girard has integrated UNiGY technology into a number of systems, with notable results for energy and costs savings.

Kadant adds that Girard plans to expand its partnership with Kadant AES and UNiGY technology to offer the efficient systems globally.

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