OSHA, FIA Renew Alliance

Focus on issues such as ergonomics, machine guarding

The U.S. Dept. of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Forging Industry Association (FIA) have renewed their alliance, and will continue to focus on issues related to ergonomics and machine guarding, in the forging industry.
In addition, both organizations will continue to provide information and resources to the FIA membership and others in the forging industry.
"FIA is excited and pleased about renewing our alliance with OSHA," said FIA director of training George Layne. "The cooperative working relationship between OSHA and FIA over the past two years has provided the FIA with additional guidance and resources to help improve the health and welfare of our membership."
Through the alliance, the FIA has developed three tip shets for the industry: "Reduce the Risk of Back Injury"; "Help Prevent Eye Injuries"; and "Help Prevent Hand Lacerations." The organization also developed a brochure, "OSHA Cooperative Programs," as well as material for their webpage highlighting OSHA's onsite consultation and cooperative programs.
"As we continue our alliance with FIA, we will expand upon our efforts to produce products and resources designed to increase safety and awareness of job hazards," said Asst. Secretary of Labor for OSHA, Edwin Foulke, Jr.

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