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Simufact Opens Training Center in China

Will raise global visibility while training university students in process design standards

Simufact Engineering GmbH is helping to establish a training center at Shenyang Ligong University in northeast China, following an agreement with that institution and with the assistance of its local distributor, Sili-Tech Ltd. The software developer indicated the agreement to establish the center is part of its “global university cooperation program” that will increase its international visibility, especially in China.

Simufact develops and supplies operating software used to carry out complex manufacturing process simulation. The modular and customizable programs include Simufact.forming, for forming simulation; Simufact.premap for simulating technical heat treatment processes; and Simufact.welding to simulate welding processes.

The center that opens this month will train process engineers and support the academic and scientific work of the university in the area of process design. Simufact contributed a license for its simulation solutions to the resources there, allowing the university to conduct scientific work and to train students for professional work in process design.

“We are excited about the foundation of the Shenyang Ligong training center," stated Stefan Zimmer, Simufact Engineering global sales manager. “In Asia and especially in China, universities play a pioneering role regarding the industrial use of technology. Our commitment will lead to a significantly higher visibility of our company and technology in the Chinese market.”

Shenyang Ligong University offers instruction in various engineering disciplines, as well as economics, management, sciences, arts and law. It has an enrollment of more than 40,000, with a faculty of more than 1,200, and more than 1,000 research labs available.

“With its strong manufacturing industry, China is an important market for us," according to Simufact Engineering managing director Michael Wohlmuth. “The collaboration with the Shenyang Ligong University is part of our global university cooperation program and enables us to encourage scientific work on one side and to support the Chinese industry on the other side, ensuring an expanded and more efficient use of our software to guarantee high-quality manufacturing.”

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